My story

I'm 9 years old girl living in Tokyo, Japan. I love illustrating animals, especially dogs. I have a dream to create a kind community to rescue poor dogs through my art. Let's join the community to make this world better

東京在住9歳、小学生アーティストHIYOKOです。動物の絵を描くのが大好きです。私の絵を販売することで、屠殺されてしまう犬を助けたいです。チャリティのNFT プロジェクトを開始しました。一緒に世界をより良くしませんか?

 From family 家族よりご挨拶

My daughter has a 14-year-old dog who has been with her family since she was born. One day, she was very hurt to find out that some people abandon their dogs and that there is a world where they are slaughtered. We decided to start an NFT charity project on Metaverse with my daughter's illustration as a new form of charity.
Please join us.
We are looking to hold study sessions on charity and animal welfare in the future.